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Talent recruitment

Electrical, mechanical and electrical assembly

Position name: electrician (full time) monthly salary: 3000-5000 yuan

Minimum education: secondary school / technical school work experience: no age limit: no limit for recruitment: 2 people

Job responsibilities: 1, responsible for the daily maintenance, maintenance and maintenance; 2, responsible for the distribution line installation work; 3, timely inspection, found problems in a timely manner; 4, responsible for all electrical equipment maintenance work. Qualifications: 1, healthy, under 45 years of age; 2, more than 2 years work experience, have electrician certificate; 3, with maintenance electrician knowledge; the substation and distribution facilities management ability, familiar with the safety regulations and operating rules; 4, with a high sense of discipline, responsibility, execution ability, language expression ability and learning ability. Working hours: eight hours per day, four days off. Package to eat, wrap, free 24 hours WIFI open. Because I am too busy to read my resume, please call me directly